Find the Best services in multiple listing long island by li-realestatefinder

The advancement of the internet and the progress of technology help each and every one us to keep your lives simple and less complicated. With just a few clicks of the mouse or few taps of your screen, you can find and get almost anything you want. However, even though the fact that it seems to be simple as it sounds, there are actually some drawbacks in this subject matter. Keep in mind that different sites are developed differently. Quite frankly, nowadays, there are lots and lots of sites claiming that they are the best in the business. Unfortunately, they are only good at yapping and not actually delivering customer satisfaction and result.

Real Estate

real estateSo, you are looking for a home to live with together with your family, or probably a real estate property for investment. Here come several sites that offer you promising results. However, at the end of the day, as you spent most of your effort and time, you got none. When looking for a real estate property, what really matters when it comes to the site is not the PageRank, the sophisticated designs, and promotions, but rather the site must provide accurate information and the property must be updated. Remember that not because a certain site has a higher PageRank in the search engine result page, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the best in the business.

What to look for?

If you want to find real estate property, then forget about using your usual search engine. You can easily find the Best services in multiple listing long island by li-realestatefinder. Consider the best deal, location, amenities, and prices in Long Island. We, the LiRealEstateFinder offers home loans, constructions, repairs, landscaping, landscaping, plumbing, and other services that are related to homes – simply put, we offer the best services in multiple listing long island by li-realestatefinder.

In here, you no longer have to flip your yellow pages, open another window, or drop by at any real estate property located in Long Island. As simple as entering the information you are looking for, like the size of the house, the exact location, the price and the structure of the house, we can narrow down your search and help you to find the best property for you. You’ll be able to find the best services in multiple listing long island by lirealestatefinder in no time. It is fast, easy and you no longer have to spend hours and hours at your desk.


The most website these days that are offering real estate property search makes it more complicated than before because of their sophisticated designs. But, the design and superiority in graphic design do not matter if the site you are using is actually outdated. If you have a certain type of home you want, you can actually narrow your search when using our site. Just like using your search engine, you can use keywords, or make the most out of our options. In case, you don’t have the spare time to do so by yourself, then how about using our Quick Contact form. You will soon be updated directly to your personal email. The best services in multiple listing long island by li-realestatefinder is indeed one of a kind.

Quick search

There are lots of different criteria that you might want to consider when looking for a home. Of course, different people got their own different perspectives and consider the result page as a suggestion. But when you use our system, your research becomes easier. In fact, many homeowners or individuals who are looking for a property in Long Island are disappointed not because of the place, but the service the found online. This time, how about use our search and see how the system works. You’ll be able to find the property that you are looking for with pictures along with descriptions that meet your preferences.

Broker and other services

Aside from home services, we can provide you a simple solution if you are looking for a broker. We, the LI-RealEstateFinder ensures that you are going to find a home where you belong and you will absolutely love. Start finding the best services in multiple listing long island by li-realestatefinder and use our system today. You can also find us at several social media network.

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4 Things to Consider When Choosing Golf Drivers


Golf drivers are arguably the most important golf clubs in a golfer’s bag. This club is what starts off everything for a golfer. Nothing is more frustrating than hitting meager shots off the tee, and worse if you can’t hit any.

Give an average golfer the advantage of having to hit a tee shot in the middle of the fairway, and he’d reduce his deficiency against seasoned veterans by a great deal.

Golf driversGolf drivers that look glamorous and are expensive don’t guarantee that a golfer will play a better game. Most of the time, the efficiency of a driver club is based on a golfer’s style of play, habits, and idiosyncrasies.

There are so many different styles of drivers provided by Club-head sizes, loft angles, weights, lengths, materials used, and shaft stiffness are factors to consider when buying, which makes it a little bit of a challenge. This is because a golf driver is highly individualized it should be perfectly matched to the swing of a player to be more effective.

More experienced golfers with more accurate and consistent swings tend to have more customized and intricate drivers, compared to beginners who are more likely to have variable swings and are yet to recognize their style.

Choosing a golf driver depends on what type of player is choosing: expert or beginner, heavy-handed or soft-handed, tall or short, draw hitter or fade hitter, you get the point?

With that in mind, here are four things to consider in finding the most suitable golf driver for you.


Club HeadDrivers have heads of different shapes and sizes, and each one has their own advantages and disadvantages.

Round headed golf drivers are still the most common ones and is deemed as the best way to set the weight to achieve its highest performance. Pear profiled types are slightly more compact and have better usability. Finally, square headed drivers are straighter on off-center shots and have a higher forgiveness rating.

Forgiveness rating is the measure of how a player can easily hit a golf ball with a driver’s “sweet spot.” For example, if you are having difficulty in hitting the ball with club’s sweet spot, then you need a driver with a higher forgiveness rating.

When it comes to size, the general opinion is that the smaller the club head, the more control you will have over your shot. A standard club head offers a small sweet spot, but more control. An over sized head has a large sweet spot, but is too heavy and gives less accuracy. A midsize club is bigger than a standard club, but is generally more accurate than an over-sized club.

For beginners, it’s better to have a larger sweet spot first than to go after accuracy. Smaller heads definitely allows more control, but only when you already have the skill of an advanced golfer. It’s better to make sure that you are going to hit the ball first, then worry about accuracy later.


LoftThis is a somewhat confusing area when it comes to the efficiency of golf drivers. Nine degrees or lower are said to be low, while 10 degrees or higher are considered high.

Loft, or loft angle, is an angular measure at which the face of a club lies relative to the club shaft. The loft influences how far a ball will go and the type of trajectory it will have.

Golf drivers that have low loft are traditionally believed to produce longer drives, but with the introduction of new golf ball designs, the convention was actually reversed. Now, the less swing speed you have, the higher loft is recommended for your golf driver to get the ball airborne.


Golf ShaftThe length of a club shaft is a very important factor to increase the efficiency of a golf driver. The longer the shaft, the faster the club head will travel in a shot, which therefore hits the ball stronger and makes it go further. However, a longer shaft gives less control over the club head, which means that you are less accurate to hit the ball with the sweet spot.

The material used in making the shaft is also significant. Today, the fundamental choices are graphite or steel. Graphite is more expensive, but steel is more durable. Graphite shafts have lighter weight which can give greater swing speed for more power, but has less control because of the flex generated during the swing.

Choose a driver with a shaft that best suits your height and that makes you consistently hit the ball on the center of the club.

4.Shaft Flex

Shaft flex is simply how flexible the club shaft is. The faster is a golfer’s swing speed, the stiffer the shaft flex should be. A too flexible shaft makes the ball fly higher, or balloon, and hook. Meanwhile, a shaft that is too stiff makes the ball’s flight very low and causes it to slice.

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How to Start A Lanyard Business


Many people ask help from manufacturers to produce personalized items like logo lanyards. Companies use these items to advertise their organizations. Some people even give away customized lanyards featuring their names and faces during special occasions (e.g. birthdays).

Believe it or not, you can earn a lot of money from these simple cords. To know more on how to start your very own lanyard business, read the steps below.

1. Decide on what you’re going to sell

landyardBefore you start a business, think of the cord types that you want to sell. You can sell logo lanyards made of polyester or nylon. Selling dye sublimated and woven ones is also a good idea. Aside from those types, you can also sell ropes made of colorful beads. It’s up to you to decide if you want to sell all types or pick only a few; still, if you want more customers, it is recommended to offer as many cord types as possible.

2. Find some business partners

After deciding on the cord types you’ll be selling, the next step is to find some business contacts. Ask your friends if they are interested in selling such ropes. You and your partners must prepare a capital for your business. Starting a lanyard business requires a lot of money because you have to purchase various materials and equipment.

3. Look for a business site

Once you’re done looking for business partners, the next thing you should do is to find an area where you will start your business. You can buy or rent space (the latter costs around $1,000 per month).

4. Buy equipment

The next step you should do is to buy equipment. It’s very important to purchase computers and software related to cord design. You must also buy lanyard printers that usually cost thousands of dollars. If you want to get one, it is best to ask help from your business partners.

For this kind of business, you also need to find suppliers of polyester and nylon. You should also look for metal attachment suppliers. Without those materials mentioned, you cannot make logo lanyards.

5. Hire and train staff

It will be hard to manage a business if you don’t have any staff. The next step is to hire and train workers. You must hire graphic artists who will help you in creating cord designs.

Business owners should also hire workers who will assist them in printing the designs. Hiring an accountant is also a must. The accountant will be the one who will manage all your finances. If you’re planning to put up a stall in a mall, it is recommend that you hire salespeople as well.

6. Register the business

To make your business legal, you must have a permit to operate. You can get a business permit in your city or state office. Once you get your permit, you also need to follow the business laws of your area.

7. Launch your neck cord business

After acquiring a permit, the next thing that you should do is launch your business. Put up a website where you will list all the services you will offer. You can also feature the attachment and cord types you have.

8. Advertise and give special offers

To attract more customers, it will be great if you’ll also create social media accounts and post videos about your business. To make your business stand out, you must also give special offers to consumers. If they order 1,000 logo lanyards, for example, you can give them discounts or free shipping. Providing design services free of charge is also a good idea.

Without a doubt, starting a lanyard business isn’t among the easiest of pursuits. Still, if you manage to follow all those steps, you’ll surely be on your way towards financial freedom.

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Different Purposes Of Custom Military Coins


Many people now consider custom military coins as among the most unique and valuable collector’s item. It symbolizes the exceptional service and hard work shown by a lot of servicemen of the armed forces. For the recipients of this coin, they take it as an honor and remember it for the rest of their lives. While the military coins are usually given by a commanding officer, they can also be given by a soldier to another to appreciate the time they spent in the service together and as a symbol of the brotherhood they share.

Custom military coins

The military coins may represent a lot of things. A soldier can receive it if they have gone beyond their call of duty or to remember a special incident that they have been a part of. The custom military coins become valuable because of the reason for which they given, and not just of their monetary value. They are an item that has a deep significance to the recipient of the coin and the unit that they belong to.

Aside from the history, courage, and honor that military coins represent, they also serve other purposes. These are:


A lot of military people use their custom coins as a form of identification. They also use them to prove their affiliation. Military coins are a symbol of their pride, sincere service, and courage. Every soldier who owns a military coin feels proud because it means that they are part of a team.


As mentioned, custom military coins are used to recognize military personnel who have shown excellent service. However, using custom coins as a symbol of recognition is not just limited to those who are in the military service. A lot of companies and other organizations give away custom coins to reward their employees who have shown excellent performance. There are companies that order specially minted custom coins and present them to their admirable employees who have given great contributions to the company.

Similarly, military coins are also used by some schools to recognize the students who have remarkable academic as well as extra-curricular achievements.

There also sports teams that engrave their team’s logo or insignia on custom military coins and give them away to reward their athletes for their incredible athletic performance. Some sporting events all around the country also use military coins to rewards the winners of the competition.

3.Party Favors

Military coins are also great for party favors. Aside from sporting events, they can also be used in charitable events and even birthdays and other parties. They can also be presented during corporate gatherings and employee engagement events.

4.Collector’s Item

A lot of collectors also buy and sell military coins. These coins can be expensive, especially the rare ones. For this reason, a lot of people buy them and then later on, they sell these coins for a higher price. There are even rare military coins that are put up for auction.

However, there are also some people who collect these coins just because they love collecting them. They enjoy displaying their coin collection in their homes or office.

5.Marketing Tools

A lot of things these days can be used as a marketing tool, including military coins. So, if you are looking for an affordable item that you can give away to your existing and potential customers, military coins are a great choice. The thing about these coins is that they are a unique marketing tool that is why they attract more people.

People nowadays do not only use custom military coins for “challenging” as these coins also serve other purposes.

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Origin and Milestone of Rubber Bracelets

Rubber bracelets are among the most widely popular items today, despite that it only began  with a simple fad until someone saw their moneymaking potential. These bracelets, which  are also called silicone or jelly bracelets in some instances, have successfully matched the popularity of bracelets made of precious jewels, lucky gems, and beads – even if they’re sold for cheap.

Black O-Rings

During the late 70s, teens started an anti-fashion craze by wearing black o-rings around  their wrists; these rings were similar to black rubber bands that you may use to tie your hair. The teens used these bands mainly because such accessories have almost no value as  compared to silver and gold jewelry.

the-wristband-factoryThe craze spread like wildfire when famous celebrities—Madonna and Cindy Lauer to name a few—began wearing black o-rings at their concerts and television appearances. Rubber bands became must-have items for teens who want to be cool or be part of the “cool” group during those times.

Coded Bands

Rubber bracelets faced controversies in the 1990s. It was reported that silicone bands were coded with secret meanings. In a club or a party, if a girl was found wearing a silicone band, a guy could try to snap it off her wrist. If the guy was able to do so, the girl will be obliged to perform what the color of her band symbolizes. A yellow band is synonymous with a hug, while a read one translates to a kiss. A black band, however, could actually be a ticket to sexual intercourse.

This controversy had scared many parents. Some teens claimed that they know the codes of their silicone bracelets, while others said they have no idea that such codes exist. The bracelets were then banned at different schools and universities.

Over time, the controversies died down but the popularity of silicone bracelets did not. In fact, they gained more fame as the second millennium began.

Sports Bands

One of the leading sports brand, in early 2000s, started the Dream slogan. They imprinted Rubber bracelets with the word “Dream” and included the items inside their boxes of shoes as freebies. The slogan encouraged the brands’ customers to dream and to chase whatever their dream is.

Kevin Carroll, the man behind the new fad concerning silicone bands, asked the permission of the sports brand if he may use their product as a seminar handout. When he got a yes, he distributed thousands of silicone bands to young people who participated in his motivational talks. It was his way of pushing them to pursue their dreams. Also, most of his talks had centered on the Dream slogan.

Continuing the newfound craze, the sports brand developed another variation of silicone bands which they sold as a separate product. Soon after, basketball players were spotted wearing silicone bands during their games. It was believed that the bands motivated the players to play harder and eventually take the trophy. Basketball fans were also intrigued by these rubber bracelets, which led them to buy and wear the same bands their favorite players have.

Awareness Bands

In 2004, Lance Armstrong Foundation or LAF had completely turned the fad into a call for awareness. Lance Armstrong is a professional cyclist who battled cancer in 1996; he was able to successfully beat all the cancer cells out of his body. He was able to return to the cycling world as well, and he continued to reign as one of the most sought-after cyclists. He also started a foundation that seeks to fund cancer research and help cancer patients around the world.

The awareness drive began with a yellow Live Strong band. Scott MacEachern, general manager of LAF, was the mind behind Live Strong bands. With the fame of sports silicone bands, he saw a potential instrument to raise funds for their foundation. They sold the bands for a dollar and they had vowed to donate every dollar to cancer research.

The campaign was supported by various celebrities, sportsmen, cycling fans, cancer patients, and many more people. It was reported that LAF was able to gain 46 million dollars for cancer research. Moreover, Live Strong bands were also able to raise everybody’s awareness on cancer and its different kinds.

Rubber Bracelets Today

Because of the success of LAF, many foundations and charitable organizations around the world have followed suit in utilizing silicone bracelets to raise funds for whatever cause they promote. The organizations simply used screen printing to attach their slogan or logo in the bracelets. Then, they sell the products to people who would like to help them raise awareness for their cause.

The color of the bracelets represents different causes. Pink is for breast cancer awareness; red is for diabetes, heart disease, HIV, and aids awareness; white is for anti-poverty and religious awareness; black is for melanoma research, green is for ecology sport and leukemia; and, blue is for autism, Cohn’s disease, and child abuse prevention.

The affordability of the items also contributed to the reasons why even now, rubber or silicone bracelets are widely used.

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They imprinted Rubber bracelets with the word “Dream” and included the items inside their boxes of shoes as freebies. The slogan encouraged the brands’ customers to dream and to chase whatever their dream is.
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Do It Yourself Lanyards

Christmas is the season for giving. As it nears, one is not too early enough to prepare special gifts for your friends and loved one. However, Christmas is not the only time you can express how much you value and appreciate some people by giving them gifts. You could do it during birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving or even when is there is no special occasion.

Lanyards make great gift items, especially when you make them yourself. The receiver of these items would surely feel the labor of love you put into making these. Plus, since you know your friends and loved ones so much, you could customize each lanyard according to their personalities and preferences. That would make your gifts extra special.

Doing a lanyard by yourself is easy. Here are the 5 basic steps for making a lanyard:

1. List down the people you are planning to give the lanyards to. Think what kind of lanyard would suit his or her personality. For instance, that health buff relative might enjoy a lanyard with fruits and vegetable pins attached to it. Or the sweet, young teen would appreciate a strap made fromfabric with printed flowers for her wallet. For your grandpa, a dark colored strap for his keys would be perfect.

2. Prepare all the materials that you would need.

These are:

•A pair of scissors

•Fabric (it could be cotton, polyester, nylon, satin, or silk)

•Attachment (you could choose from rings, hooks, clips, and breakaway connectors)

•Sewing machine. Even the small one would do. You could actually sew these manually but that would take so much time.

•Glue, decorative pins,and extra add on are optional.

3. Cut the according to the length that you need. For the adults, the average length for the neck is 34 inches. For the wrist strap, the estimate length is 6 inches. Cut also the fabric according to the thinness or thickness that you like. Provide a margin of around 1/8 inch for sewing the edges to keep it neat.

Polyester lanyards4. Sew both ends of the lanyard together. Make a loop where you would place the ring or hook or whatever attachment that you like. At this point, you are almost done. Check if you need to adjust the length of the lanyard or not. On the attachment part, make sure that you sew it strongly enough so that it would be able to hold big and heavy items, just in case the recipients would use these for such.

5. Lastly, decorate the lanyards either with pins or other homemade stuff that you like. You could customize the decorations to suit the personality of the recipient.

That was easy, right, unless, you do not know how to cut and sew. Then this 3-step DIY is the best for you.

Following step one, plan the design of each lanyard according to the personality of the recipient.

Next, prepare the materials. This time, the materials are either used lanyards or plain new ones. There is no need for fabric, attachments and sewing machine too. You would need decorations, however.

Skip step 3 and 4 and proceed with step 5.

Decorate accordingly. You could add a twist by writing your message and placing it on an ID holder. Attach the ID holder with your personal message into your lanyard and that’s it.

These would not only make wonderful tokens of love and appreciation but at the same time, they are practical, economical, durable and unique gifts they would surely treasure. As these lanyards last for decades with proper care, the memories would too.

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How to Become One of the Successful Keynote Speakers

More and more people are aiming to be among the best keynote speakers in today’s generation. If you are one of them and do not know what to do, here is a list of things that you must accomplish:

1) Stay focused on your goals. Each day, you need to accomplish a bunch of tasks and meet new people. This is the reason why there is a need for you stay concentrated on your goal because there are many things that compete for your time. Staying focused will help you give up on unnecessary things because you understand that the pay-off is going to be big despite not being immediate. For instance, your goal is to deliver free speeches at least three times a week to gain popularity. You must be willing to give up doing tasks and activities that are not related to the achievement of your goal, such as spending too much time in front of the television.

2) Focus on your dreams. In relation to item one, ask yourself this question, “Am I doing the things that will bring me closer to my goal?” If you answered “no,” do something that will. Focusing is a habit: the more you do a certain task, the easier it becomes. For instance, comparing yourself with other keynote speakers who are just starting like you is just a waste of your time and energy. Instead of looking at someone else’s achievements, focus on what you can do to improve yourself.

speaker3) Be an expert in your chosen field. Take your profession seriously. To become one of the great keynote speakers, always strive to be best. Be willing to do anything just to improve your skills. For instance, take classes and workshops that will improve your speaking skills and build your rapport with the audience. Spend more time practicing; deliver your speeches in front of the mirror.

4) Find out from the best keynote speakers the activities they do differently and apply those in your life. For instance, ask them who are their mentors and the persons they look up to. Great keynote speakers study the experts in their field. They always pick up the best key points from their mentors.

5) Create a plan to achieve your goals. It is not enough that you have set your goals. Back it up with a written plan on how you are going to achieve those goals. Your written plan is like your road map on where you are heading. It helps you get there faster. Without a map, there is a possibility that you will face more frustrations, wasting time and energy in the process. A plan will help you enjoy your journey.

6) It is a no-no to give up. Giving up is not an option. You must be willing to accomplish your tasks and activities no matter what happens and what the odds are. Accept the fact that there will be rough roads and bumps along the way. It will never be a smooth journey.

7) Do not ever delay. Remember that you do not have a lifetime to do all the things you want to do. There are no time-outs in life. Many achievers know this. They do not waste time. They always go after what they passionately and energetically like to happen in their lives.

Follow the seven items above on how to become a great keynote speaker in your generation. Be 100-percent responsible to your life, stay focused, be the best in your field, learn from the experts, create a blueprint on how to make it happen, and never ever give up.

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Rights that you can Exercise with the Help of a Long Island Foreclosure Attorney

Receiving a formal letter of notice of foreclosure can be daunting for any homeowner. Regardless of the reason why a property is being foreclosed, you will need a Long Island foreclosure attorney to help you understand your situation and help think of the best solution to your problem.

The effects of foreclosure

The foreclosure process can be long and tiring for families. It also has long-term effects that can plague the family even in the future. If after the foreclosure there is still a deficiency judgement, the lender can obligate the borrower to pay the remaining debt to cover the total amount of loan. This can negatively affect the credit of the homeowner and can lead creditors to increase their interest rate by as much as 40%.

lawWhen it comes to foreclosure, the homeowner does not repay the money that he borrowed which means that the money from the sale is still considered as taxable income. A homeowner who has just been under the foreclosure process may be required to pay the taxes for the amount of the mortgage not covered by the sale. Also, once the new owner is ready to use the property, the homeowner needs to find a new place to live.

After the foreclosure, it can be difficult for anyone to get another mortgage. Getting back on your feet can be difficult after sustaining a foreclosure. It can also affect your employment. For example, when you are applying for a job that requires financial management, employers might run a credit check to gauge just how financially responsible you are. A qualified Long Island foreclosure attorney can help families exercise their rights and protect them from eviction. This can help prevent all the ramifications of foreclosure.

Foreclosure rights

Being threatened with foreclosure can leave you scared and feeling hopeless, but remember that you do have rights. Both state and federal laws have set specific guidelines that can protect the rights of property owners. Hiring a Long Island foreclosure attorney helps ensure that you have proper legal representation in court. This can help mitigate your losses.

You have the right to speak to your lender after you have defaulted in your payment. This gives you a chance to negotiate a better payment term that is more suitable to your needs. Do not panic when you receive a notice from your lender. Also, remember that you do have the legal right to stay in your house while the foreclosure proceedings are still ongoing.

As a homeowner, you have basic rights when it comes to foreclosure, which includes the right for lender to show cause and the right for a foreclosure notification. The right to show cause means that property owner can ask the court to request the lender to show supporting documents. This is a probable defence if the process seems unlawful and the proper procedure for foreclosure is not followed. For instance, the homeowner did not receive a notice of foreclosure or the foreclosure procedure started even before the homeowner defaulted on his mortgage payment.

The right of notification means that the property owner received a notice of the foreclosure and received enough time to respond to the notice. Only after the notice was ignored can the foreclosure process begin by default. The only way that you can exercise your rights fully is with the help of a Long Island foreclosure attorney.

If in any case you decide to walk away from your mortgage, it is best if you do not do it alone. A team of competent Long Island foreclosure attorney can help protect your finances and support you to stand up against banks and lenders.

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