The Hunt for Coins – Getting Custom Coins for Less at

Looking for a great corporate giveaway, or a memorable annual homecoming class memento? One fantastic souvenir for these special events is custom coin, especially those from

Here at Challengecoins4less, we provide high quality challenge and customs coins for your needs. With unique craftsmanship for each design, and superb quality material that we use, you can have your preferred coin every time. It is a one stop shop for you to design, request for quotations and order custom coins whenever, wherever. It promotes hassle free shopping for those moments and commemorative events that you want to make extra special.

You have an option to choose from various designs or make yours unique and make it more special. Our customer service will be eager to help you come up with designs based on your own preference. We also provide size variations from 1.50” to 3.00”.

You also have three options one-side color, two-side color and die-struck.

coinsDie struck coins that are most famously made even during ancient and medieval times are processed using two metal pieces that are used to press or strike the coin together, thereby creating the design on the coin through indentation. One or both sides would have the reverse design, which will get imprinted on the final product. Nowadays, we also have one-side color which means a die struck coin with colored designs on one side and two-side color which is also a die struck coin with colors on two sides. Both are mainly used as corporate giveaways, military and government department commemorative token for displays.

The coins can be made using different materials, such as silver, nickel and brass. Here at, we can make different metal designs and effects on your chosen materials. Your options include polished silver or gold, antique silver or gold, polished copper or brass, antique copper or brass, black nickel and duo-tone. If you choose the duo-tone design, then expect us to combine two metal designs (ex. gold in the middle and silver on the sides).

Options for the design are also available. Aside from metal, you can also choose 3D designs from our gallery or make your own to make it completely unique. We can also add edge designs and custom cut-outs. It can also have a distinctive shape and not needed to be always circular.

Edges of the coin can also be designed with diamond cuts. It can be standard, which is basically just a simple rim going round the coin. It can also have a rope, wave, cross and oblique cut edges to make it stand out and more elegant.

Aside from the numerous designs you can choose from, you can also make the coins more fun and functional. You can have them designed with a key chain attachment so you can practically use them as key holders or add them on your bag zipper as an extension to the zipper holder. You can also turn it into a cool bottle opener for those special occasions. However, if you want to keep it classic and stylish, you can simply have it made out from custom shapes of your preference and add engraved text on it.

Another way to personalize the coins is to put cutouts on them. Offset prints can also make them look more modern and unique. In addition to that, you can also add epoxy coating and translucent enamel to produce a great finish on the coins design and also help make them last longer.

After finalizing the design you want on your coin, you can also decide what packaging you prefer it to be shipped in. At, we individually provide free standard clear PVC pouch for the coins. Aside from that, we also provide an alternative packaging of your liking. It could be a velvet coin bag, for a much classier coin holder, or a velvet presentation box for those coins made for awarding and special occasions.

It can also be a coin capsule or a coin stand, so you can display it stylishly in offices or boardrooms, or simply a custom pouch insert, so you can display it on the wall or organize it properly in a drawer. Whatever it is for, we at will try to meet your requirements.

More Embroidered Patch Options for you at patches4less

Being fashionable with our custom embroidered patches is not impossible. Through our dedicated art and design staff, we can show your creative and unique personality with our custom embroidered patches products. Choose your desired patch design and you will definitely contribute in promoting your company or organization in an attractive way. You can be as creative and imaginative as you want in choosing the best designs with our huge range of different custom embroidered patches options available for you. Here, at patches4less, all your top quality patches needs is no longer a problem because we can make them for you at reasonable prices.

We can customize your preferred embroidered and iron-on patches just exactly how you want them Custom-Patchesto be. With just 3 easy steps, we made your custom patch buying experience quick and simple. We use the 3-step system to ensure your 100% satisfaction as it is always our major concern. Simply send us your desired design on your embroidered patches. We accept any PC format for your designs or any relevant artworks or photographs of your design.

Second, we will create a digital proof of your design on which you have to approve before ordering. Third and last, we create your patches. Once created it is now ready to be delivered and you can now experience premium quality custom patches products for yourself. It is really that easy here at patches4less.

With our full range of styles, colors and attachment choices, we know that you can come up with the best design that will suit your purpose.

We have several custom patch backing options that you can choose from. Whether you want a traditional sew-on patch backing, tape backing, iron-on, button loops or Velcro, we have it all for you. Each has advantages and different uses so choose the best option for your embroidered patches purposes. If you haven’t made your choice yet, our talented design staff will further guide you in selecting the patch backing options, which can work perfectly for you.

Tape backing option is best for a quick change of an outfit or costume since it is easy to remove, versatile and less permanent. For a more secure patch positioning, iron-on backing is the perfect choice. Just press an iron to it for about 20-30 seconds and it will be permanently set on to any of your clothing.

With button loop patches, attaching them no longer needs sticking and sewing. You just need to hang it to a lapel pin or any button in your clothing and you can now showcase your organization’s message to thousands of people. In plastic backing option, a rigid plastic is added to your embroidered patches. Through this, your patch will become sturdier and it will be harder to lose its shape even when regularly used.

We also offer patch border options to highlight your desired designs and to make it more attractive. We have our standard round edges for a simpler look of your embroidered patches. If you want for sharp and detailed edges, you can choose hot cut edge as your patch border option. It is perfect for making complicated designs in your patches for you to be noticeable and stand out even more. Marrow border option would be the perfect option for an elegant and stylish embroidered patch. It is the most commonly used patch border option and is the most classic look for many custom embroidered patches in the industry.

Other custom patch options are also available for you at the patches4less. We can use metallic thread to your embroidered patches to create flashy and eye catching designs. Our metallic threads come up with various attractive colours that you can choose from. You can also put up to seven metallic thread colours to your patches without additional fees! If ever you’re thinking of adding more colours to your patches, no worries! Our design staffs will be happy to custom your embroidered patches just how you want it to be.

Our custom patches also come in various shapes and sizes. We’ve worked on to different shapes and sizes of embroidered patches and so we assure you that we will provide you with whatever size patch you need. To determine the size of your patches, just measure its width and length, add them together and divide it by two. Our embroidered patches’ price depends on the size of your patch.

Here at patches4less, we only offer the best options. We value our customers, so we only give them the best.

Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Discount Golf Clubs

A lot of people are trying to get the best discount golf clubs that they can get their hands on. Getting a good set of golf clubs at a discount is a lot easier said than done. Finding the right set of golf clubs can difficult but at Rockbottomgolf it can be easier.

There are plenty of places for people to go shopping for golf clubs at a discounted price. Both brick and mortar stores and the internet are great avenues for golfers to shop for cheap golf clubs. However, getting the right discount golf clubs is still a difficult task.

GolfThere are so many different golf clubs to choose from that finding the right one can be difficult. Shopping for discounted clubs severely limits a person’s ability to choose the kind of club that they want.

Most people are blinded by the amazing price that they see when they start shopping for discounted clubs. This makes people prone to committing more errors than they normally would. Those who plan on shopping for a cheap set of golf clubs should really take care to avoid buying the wrong clubs.

Below are a few tips that can help people sidestep some of the more common mistakes of buying discount golf clubs.

Being too price conscious

Anyone who wants to get a set of golf clubs at a discounted price really needs to pay more attention to the value of the club that they are getting. People would not look for discounted clubs if they were not brand conscious. That said, it is still important for people to think about what they are getting for the kind of money that they are spending.

Golf clubsThe first thing golfers should not forget is the kind of club that they need. There is something disturbingly wrong about a person who would buy a driver when what they need is a putter simply because the former was cheaper.

People need to make a list of things that they look for in a club. People looking for discount golf clubs need to pay more attention to the value, and not simply the price of the club.

Not taking the time to consider other options

Another mistake people commonly make is being too impulsive in making a purchase. There are plenty of places out there that offer a good selection of discounted clubs. People need to look around first. They need to get an idea of what other stores have to offer before committing to a purchase.

Golf EquipmentBoth internet retailers and brick and mortar stores have plenty to offer. They constantly try to outdo one another by seeing which of them can offer their products at the lowest price. It is easy for people to get swayed into buying golf clubs when they are priced like dirt.

People need to learn how to exercise some more restraint. They need to take the time to see if there are other better alternatives out there. For all they know, there could be stores that might have better things to offer.

Failing to inspect the product

Another mistake people make is to lower their vigilance when they buy a new club. Getting a good bargain is something all shoppers want. However, sometimes it can blind the consumer to flaws that they would otherwise see if they were vigilant in making their purchase.

People ought to look at the product carefully. They need to inspect it as if they were paying for it at full price. Getting a golf club at a discounted price is no bargain if it has tiny little defects that ruin its value. Always make sure to make a thorough inspection of discount golf clubs before buying them.

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Callaway golf Golf clubs with diffrent sorts likes irons, putters, wedges, drivers and some more, they are uncommonly desgined for you to play better shots and swings.

Picking The Best Provider Of Movable Containers For Your Storage Needs

Movable containers made cargo forwarding system more effective than ever. Through moveable containers, you can save a lot of time and effort in renting big trucks to load and unload your cargo and store it to another space. Renting portable storage containers is very hassle-free since you can set your own schedule.

Moving storage container companies can pick up your cargo and deliver it to your location according to your time preference. Many people prefer companies that offer moveable storage containers to transport cargo conveniently and efficiently. With, you’ll surely receive all your cargo and your other material assets on time. We are dedicated to providing you superior storage solutions and services.

Metal ContainersMovable containers as portable storage are beneficial to you. You can also customize them based on your needs. They are naturally versatile and can work effectively regardless of the function that you intend them to fulfill. We assure you that all our container products are of premium quality and in good condition. We value our customers and understand your needs, so we guarantee you the highest quality containers that you truly deserve. Our cost-effective movable containers will be the best option for all your commercial and residential portable storage needs.

Many people constantly choose movable containers due to their many advantages. Portable storage units are your top solution for a convenient transfer of all your cargoes.

For you to learn more about the usefulness of movable containers, here are some of their most notable benefits:

1. Versatility

Moveable containers best work on any location you may want to. This is the top reason of why many people continuously rent these containers. They come in different sizes that you can choose according to your storage needs. They can also stay on site as long as you want so transporting stuff to another place would not be a major problem.

2. Mobility

When it comes to mobility, you can never go wrong with portable storage units since you can move them wherever and whenever you want. Here at, we’ll move your stuff for you. It would be hassle-free, since you no longer have to rent a new storage facility for your tangible stuff.

3. Sturdy and Secure

Storage containers can withstand rough weather and security breaches since they are made from tough steels and feature a tamper-proof lock box. They are highly resistant to heavy cargo loads, strenuous ocean climates, and vigorous stacking requirements.

4. Weather-proof

We proudly offer you high quality containers that are wind and water tight. They can withstand inclement weather, thereby ensuring that all your stored belongings inside remain dry and clean.

5. Affordable

Portable storage container rental costs lesser compared to typical storage units. Many people choose to buy movable container since it is much faster and more cost-efficient than building warehouse or house projects.

6. Renovation

If you are planning to remodel your building or housing, movable containers is the best option, so you can have enough storage space for your stuff. It will surely save you a lot of space and is also effective in preventing scattered stuff while renovating.

7. Home-staging

Moveable containers are ideal if you want to have extra storage for your home furnishings while preparing for moving or selling your house. It can also help avoid the clutter of your belongings and stuff since you can transfer all of them to your containers.

8. Transport

Portable Storage containersInstead of renting a big truck and pay service charges in loading and unloading your cargo from one location to another, movable containers will be your best choice for an easy and fast transfer of all your stuff to your desired location. With, loading your belongings and transporting everything to your new location is convenient. With these containers, you can move your cargo internationally if needed.

9. Extra-shop Space

If you want extra storage space for your business, portable storage units can perfectly fit your needs. It is an easier and cheaper way to have a clean and spacious room, instead of constructing another building.

10. Simple

With moveable containers, you can put everything simpler. It will surely save your time, instead of doing complicated process. Here at, we can make everything for you fast. You can place your orders or rent our movable containers now and we’ll surely deliver it straight to your preferred location.

Questions Motivational Speakers Should Ask Themselves

There is only one very important goal motivational speakers should see as a target – to motivate.

However, many motivational speakers still fail to achieve this goal at the end of their speech. For some, as long as they’ve finished on time, delivered the ideas, went through all the slides of the presentation, and bowed as the audiences applaud, that is ‘motivational’. But being considered a motivational lecturer is more than this, or it should be.

Leading the audience to a question of “what did I learn?” “How would it help me?” is significant. Yes, say the speech was something good, but a listener should ask himself, “Will it be applicable to my life?” “Will it be useful for me?”

There are so many kinds of motivational speakers. Generally they speak to motivate, to inform, to entertain, and to persuade. But at the end of the day, we realize many of them just speak to speak and so listening, for people, becomes hearing. Nodding and shaking of head becomes signals of politeness instead of approval.

So how can one say that a motivational speaker is truly doing his job well and hitting his target accurately? An excellent keynote- motivational speakers would be able to ask and answer these questions on his own;

1. Who are my audience?

Knowing and observing the audience is very important and helpful for both the speaker himself and for the spectators. Information about work and difficult bosses wouldn’t be relatable for teenagers. On the other hand, gadgets and internet wouldn’t be so much entertaining for the old people. Cars would be fancy for men. Shopping hits women well, and so on and so forth.

Keynote speakerWhen a speaker knows the people watching and listening to him, he will be able to throw a joke they could actually laugh on as well as information they would agree or disagree with. If they can relate, they can react. Knowing the audience is also a fundamental skill so that a speaker will be able to design the style of delivery. He may ask himself, “Should it be a little informal and funny, or quite serious and technical? “

In this way he could easily segue from a funny story to a motivational lesson or from a serious tone to a success- anecdote.

2. Can they apply what I share?

People do not change totally overnight or even after hours of listening to a motivational speech. But even so, a speaker who aims to influence and inspire should be able to consider how his viewers and listeners can I play whatever he is saying or presenting on stage.

Motivational SpeakersGiving specific examples for different kinds of people would really be helpful and ideal. He cannot tell a middle-aged man to be enthusiastic about his job because middle-aged people already know how the system in business works. Instead he could tell them alternatives such as when they feel unfulfilled; they could focus on other things that would make them feel less disappointed or at least would relieve their stress like taking a coffee break, talking to some interesting colleagues, or asking for vacation leave. He cannot advise a lady in her 20’s to make a list of her 10 – year plan. Instead, he could suggest for her to make short-term goals and focus on achieving them step by step.

The point is, he should practice variety and taking into account the rationality of the action basing from the situations of his audience.

3. Do I apply what I share?

Action speaks louder than words, as a cliche goes. Well, this is a principle many motivational speakers lack. Most of the time speakers present for the sake of speaking, standing and getting the job done for the compensation. A brilliant keynote-inspirational lecturer should also walk his talk or at least he should have tried the suggestions he shares his audience. His sincerity and passion will show if he speaks out his own experiences and the lessons he learned. This makes him become spontaneous and actually makes his message unique.

4. Have I motivated them?

A speaker cannot really track what happens in the life of each person who witnessed and listened to his speech. He may not learn what happened after the session but the viewer does. At the end, when the people have been motivated, the group might invite the keynote speaker again, or part of the audience may attend another speech session the speaker might have in the future. In the speaker’s perspective, he might feel that from how the audience look, react, or how they acknowledge his ideas in both subtle and reactive way. Most importantly, after conveying the message, he himself feels motivated to inspire more people. Visit here for more knowledge about best keynote-inspirational lecturer.

General Guidelines in Buying Trading pins

Buying trading pins online is much easier compared to visiting each pin store and browsing through the merchandise. Websites allow the buyer to see what’s available and instruct the manufacturer on what he wants to purchase even without going to the physical shop. Although online purchasing of trading pins is already a simple task, there are some guidelines to make the process even more convenient.

Trading PinsDecide whether you want a customized or stock pin. Pin manufacturers provide a variety of pins but they sometimes offer customization services. If you want a pre-made pin, you can usually see them on the website but they may have other options that are not included in their site – ask about these. When you want to make your own pin, check what they offer. Different manufacturers have their own ways of making pins that result into particular styles. See whether these are okay with you; if not, either ask the manufacturer if they can make your pin in the way you want, or look for somebody else who can.

Have a design. If you want a customized pin, you need to send an illustration or photo of it. Usually, if the pins are to be used by many people, the design will have to be agreed upon by an assigned group. If this is so, you need to set a meeting for this. When the decision is entirely upon you, it may be wise to ask for suggestions from others to get good ideas and avoid missing important details. An artist may also be helpful for styling concepts – these may be provided by the manufacturer or hired elsewhere.

Select your pin type. The way the pin is made influences how it appears. With your design in mind, evaluate the available pin types. They have varying levels of detail and color. For example:

  • Cloisonné. This is a style that has metallic contouring and solid patches of color.
  • Photo Etched. Photo etching is related to cloisonné but it involves a thinner metal.
  • The printed method allows for color gradients and details. This does not have metal lines, though.
  • Die struck. A purely metallic pin without inks or paints. The design is engraved upon the metal, which can come in different tints and finishes.

You may ask whether there are other styling methods aside from the ones given above. Be sure to know what the finished product looks like.

Get to know if extra features are available. Some manufacturers offer additional detailing on the trading pins such as dangling extensions, blinking parts, rotating pins, and chain links. These have additional charges so know how much they are priced at before including them in your main design.

Specify the pin size. Pins can be made in varying dimensions. Websites often give the common sizes that they are able to make the pins in, but they may or may not make them in the specific size that you want the pins to have. Ask if they can copy your specifications accurately; if not, you need to make adjustments.

Give your order amount. Pin websites give specific order amounts such as 10, 100, 1000 and so on. If you are ordering an amount not given on the list, say 250 or 990, ask whether they can produce the specific number you gave to avoid inconveniences.

Know when the trading pins are expected to arrive. The estimated times of completion are usually given and these vary according to the type of pin, the level of complexity, and the number of pins ordered. If an estimate is not provided, inquire for it.